Premium Indian Desi Cow Ghee which is made using traditional ‘Bilona’ method and produced at top-class farms


Your Body & Mind

Pure Desi Cow ghee is good for your hair, skin, eyes and digestion system. Give yourself purest Ghee for great health.


Immunity & Energy

Pure Desi Cow Ghee helps you fight disease by improving body immunity & boost muscle energy

What is A2 milk ?

A2 Milk is 100% natural fresh Desi cow‘s milk while A1 milk comes foreign Breed cows like Jersey, Holstein Friesian. A2 milk which you may find easier to digest than A1 milk. Cows' milk contains different types of proteins - including the ones called A1 and A2, these two proteins digest quite differently, for some people, the presence of A1 proteins can result in discomfort after drinking milk. It is thanks to Dr. Corran McLachlan back in 1997that the impact of this difference in proteins was discovered and the importance of it came into the picture.

A2 MILK - Accepted world wide by scientists

The A1 & A2 Difference

During digestion, proteins in milk are broken down into peptides. Most of the peptides are converted into amino acids to be absorbed by the Blood stream. But all peptides do not get broken down into amino acids. Some are excreted in our stools and some manage to get through be leaks in the gut wall into blood stream while still in peptide form. A milk releases a peptide called BCM 7 (BetaCaso - Morphine 7). - BCM7 is also known to be an opioid – a type of narcotic – which can have variety of effect including suppressing the Immune system. Some scientists suspect that BCM7 could cause or aggravate a range of health problems in susceptible people, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and autism.

Advantages of Desi Cows A2 Milk Ghee

  • A2 milk contains high levels of Omega 3 that cleans the cholesterol deposits of blood vessels.
  • Cerebrosides present In A2 milk increases brain power.
  • Strontium of A2 milk enhances the body Immunity and protects it from harmful radiation.
  • A2 milk has the capability to flight against diseases and disorders of human body like Obesity, Joint Pain, asthma, mental problems etc.

Dangers of A1 (Jersey/Holstein Cow) Milk Ghee

  • Studies made in New Zealand has revealed that A1 milk of foreign breeds of cows is the major cause of-
    • High blood pressure, Metabolic degenerative disease, Autism, type -l Diabetes in children.
    • Mentor disorder In old age (Alzheimer’s disease)
  • A2 milk Ghee is:-
    • Pure: We supply pure A2mllk in the manner nature provides. It is supplied under our strict supervision, so you can assure for both quality and quantity.
    • Organic: The Desi cows in our farm are not injected any type of antibiotics or oxytocin. They are fed pure organic grass which helps in producing pure organic milk
    • Fresh: Our Form's Desi cow A2 milk is delivered at your doorstep within few hours after milking which maintains freshness
    • Taste: Fresh and organic milk makes it delicious, so kids want to take it again and again.
    • Hygiene: Our form maintains proper standards of cleanliness at each and every step.